Chemical Biology

Chemical biology is a scientific discipline spanning the fields of chemistry, biology, and physics. It involves the application of chemical techniques, tools, and analyses, and often compounds produced through synthetic chemistry, to the study and manipulation of biological systems. Together with proteins, nucleic acids are the most important biological macromolecules; each are found in abundance in all living things, where they function in encoding, transmitting and expressing genetic information. In other words, information is conveyed through the nucleic acid sequence, or the order of nucleotides within a DNA or RNA molecule. There are Novel methods of delivery of nucleic acids. Strings of nucleotides strung together in a specific sequence are the mechanism for storing and transmitting hereditary or genetic information via protein synthesis. With the help of Cellular and in vivo targeting applications of nucleic acids we can get the insight of the molecules. Techniques for Novel synthesis or modifications of nucleic acids are being developed through which we can selection nucleic acids for its function. With the latest inventions, Nanotechnology and nanomaterial development using nucleic acid, are in great practice.

  • Novel methods of delivery of nucleic acids
  • Cellular and in vivo targeting applications of nucleic acids
  • Novel syntheses or modifications of nucleic acids
  • Design or selection of nucleic acids for its function
  • Catalytic and substrate promiscuity
  • Cool catalysis and radically new reaction mechanisms
  • Controlling cellular communication
  • Gene Knockdown
  • DNA Footprinting
  • X-ray crystallography

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